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Why Buy Quality?

Since the day we first opened in 1957, we decided only to carry high-quality furniture products. We deliberately avoid selling the cheapest furniture available, the exact opposite approach of many big box and online retailers. With an ever-changing marketplace, you must be quick to adapt. However, we have never wavered from our decision to choose quality over cheap, and I would like to explain why.


It is easy to look at a $499 advertised sofa and think replacing your old furniture is going to be a lot less expensive than you thought. However, it is essential to consider all potential costs of buying new furniture, both short-term and long-term. If you are making a short-term purchase, meaning you only plan to keep your furniture for less than three years, the initial cost should be your focus. If you plan to keep your furniture for more than five years, then it is time to consider long-term costs. For instance, cheap furniture typically only lasts for 2-3 years (sometimes not even that long). Quality furniture, on the other hand, can last decades. The fact that it lasts so much longer will save you money in the long run. There is also the cost of repairs to consider. If you try to get your cheap furniture to last longer by re-stuffing cushions, fixing springs, re-finishing woods, or re-upholstering fabric, you will find that the cost of those repairs is often not worth the expense. Quality furniture does not need to be repaired nearly as often as cheap furniture. Since it is usually under warranty for longer than just the first year, the manufacturer will pay most of the repair costs. We have always joked that only the rich can afford cheap furniture because the long-term cost is significantly greater than buying quality furniture.



While cost is usually a significant consideration when buying new furniture, it should not be the only consideration. Certain types of furniture can have a substantial impact on your health. A mattress, for instance, is one example. A good quality mattress will support you better and last much longer than cheap mattresses. Good quality mattresses often use antibacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic materials, making them healthier to sleep in for hours at a time. Even your favorite recliner should be providing you with proper support to avoid back pain. It should support you properly whether you are sitting or reclining and should retain that support for many years, something cheap recliners fail to do.


Often furniture buying is not a quick process. There can be many things to consider if you are looking to buy multiple pieces or working on a whole room or an entire home. You need to be considering colors, size, scale, and comfort, to name a few. Don’t let all that time spent go to waste by buying cheap furniture! Cheap furniture will not look nice for long unless you put it in a room that rarely gets used. The fabric will wear, the frame and springs will break down, and the cushions will flatten, leaving your brand new beautifully designed room looking worn down in no time.


In 2018 more than 9.6 million tons of furniture went to landfills. In 1990 that number was 5.6 million. That number continues to escalate as people continue to buy more cheap disposable furniture. Often it only takes a year or two for cheap furniture to end up in landfills. Quality furniture will take many years, even decades, to end up in a landfill. Many people who own quality furniture will pass it down to their children or grandchildren. Quality furniture manufacturers are also using cleaner methods of producing their products. For example, foams used in mattresses and upholstery cushions are sometimes soy-based rather than petroleum-based, making the off-gas much cleaner. If you have environmental concerns when purchasing new furniture, quality is the better option.

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